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Health Information Services (HIS) Department

The purpose of the HIS Department is to contribute to the provision of high quality health care to people of the community by assuming responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, and availability of patients' health care records and data at all times, in accordance with the hospital's mission statement.

Confidentiality: "What happens here, stays here."

At TMH, we mandate strict confidentiality based on our Patients Bill of Rights. The Patients Bill of Rights assures our patients that his/her treatment is confidential and it will not be revealed to anyone without prior authorization. Since all TMH employees are involved directly or indirectly in patient care, confidentiality is an important issue for everyone. Breaches of confidentiality carry serious consequences at a state and soon a federal level.

Can I take my chart with me?

No, however you may make an appointment with the Health Information Services Department to review your records or request a copy of your record. To obtain a copy of your record, call the HIS department or stop by the front desk for a release of information form. Submit the valid authorization form signed by yourself or, if needed, a guardian. Certain restrictions and fees may apply so feel free to contact the HIS department for more information.

   Patient Health Information Access Request form (PDF) CLICK HERE

How long are our records retained?

Records are kept on our active shelves for approximately 12 years. (Longer for minors)

May I look at my family's records?

Unless you are the patient's legal guardian, you may NOT view a family member's record, or any other person's record, without their valid patient authorization.

Who can look at my records?

TMH providers or staff persons may look at a patient's record if they are directly involved with that patient's care or if they need to review the record as an approved function of the hospital. Patient information cannot be released outside of TMH without prior knowledge of patient and/or a valid patient authorization.

Who do I tell if my name is changed? 

Please advise Registration staff if your name has changed or please mail a copy of the legal name change along with your previous name, date of birth and new name to:

Tomah Memorial Hospital
Health Information Services Department-MPI change
321 Butts Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660

How do I contact the HIS Department?

Our department is staffed Monday through Friday excluding holidays, 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Our address is:

Tomah Memorial Hospital
Health Information Services Department
321 Butts Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660

Phone: (608) 374-0313