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Supporting Future Health Care

Officials with the Tomah Memorial Hospital Foundation are happy no one shows up for its annual nonevent gala.

For the last eleven years, the philanthropic organization of Tomah Memorial Hospital has held its unique fundraising effort that has raised more than $75,000 to support future health care providers.

“When this first started, we saw it as an opportunity to do something a little different, while continuing the work of the hospital foundation,” said foundation president Pete Reichardt. “Our nonevent is meant to be something that people can contribute to without having to attend an evening dinner on a night that may not have been convenient for them, plus they can do it from their house or the office.”

Instead a traditional fundraising banquet, a simple mailing has been sent to Tomah area businesses, residents and ‘friends of the foundation’ seeking support for the fictitious event.

Reichardt said the main thrust of the fundraising activity is to support the foundation’s educational scholarship program that helps fund three $1,500 scholarships to students planning a health care career.

“Over the years the organization has awarded more than $75,000 to support students studying for a future health care career,” he said. “We truly appreciate everyone that supports the effort and are always looking for additional businesses and individuals to get behind the project.”

For a Nonevent Fundraising Form, CLICK HERE