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Making Plans for a New Hospital

Tomah Memorial Hospital is making plans for construction of a new facility.

Last spring, Tomah Memorial first announced the project, which included building a proposed 130,000 sq. ft. hospital, 80,000 sq. ft. medical office building and 50,000 sq. ft. community/wellness facility on a 40-acre site located on Tomah’s south side adjacent to Interstate 90 along Gopher Avenue.

Since then, plans have been modified to an estimated 140,000 sq. ft. three-story hospital and proposed medical office building that would be attached to the hospital.

Additional Info on the Project

• Construction of an estimated $66-million new hospital on Tomah’s south side could begin in August or September of this year.

• The 40 acre site was purchased in May 2014 from Norman and Evelyn Randall, located adjacent to I-90 along Gopher Avenue.

• A new interchange off Hwy. 16 west of Tomah will link traffic with Goose Avenue and Gopher Avenue, and will act as the major routes into the hospital campus.

• Hospital staff and administration have been meeting with architects and designers from BWBR of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Market & Johnson of Eau Claire, on specific designs for the building since early 2016.

• Growing needs of the public are a major reason for a new hospital. Various patient-centered efficiencies are part of the new hospital design. Staff has been able to get a look at the layout of some departments thanks to six hospital rooms constructed in a rented area at Handishop Industries on Tomah’s north side.

•  A wellness/community facility, including an indoor swimming pool, is not part of immediate plans unless a significant benefactor comes forward. Officials are still actively seeking partnerships to take on that part of the project.

• Active discussions are taking place with Gundersen Health System to be part of the medical office building. Officials from the Mayo Health System have declined to move on campus at this time, space may be considered at a future date.

• Since opening in 1952, the current hospital at 321 Butts Avenue has undergone building expansions in 1964, 1994 and 2004. However, the location no longer allows for future growth.

• There are no definitive plans for the existing hospital, but preliminary discussions have occurred with interested parties.

• The next decision point in the project comes in early July when financial documents are complete for the board of directors to review.